SES Group (Proprietary) Limited is a locally registered private limited company that was incorporated on the 28th day of  September 2012, in Botswana. The company’s core business activities are agriculture and food related activities as stated herein . The company has keen interest to provide agricultural and food solutions at  various stages in areas of the market where production supplies and service opportunities already exist.


The Company has formulated “to be amongst most trusted and reliable agricultural and food business operators in Botswana” with various markets solutions.

The Company intends to achieve this by positioning  its business and developmental plans to capture the potential  growth of  various industries.


The  Company’s  mission  statement  is  “to  focus  on  continuous  agricultural and food production and service  development  in  order  to  become a cost effective leader with high  quality  farm output plus  related services”.


·    Participate in agriculture and food as a business in  different locations of the country

·     Develop local farmers as partners in agriculture to enable the group achieve its objectives and goals. 

·    Avail alternative agriculture and food activities to different parts of Botswana and even beyond.

·  Create employment opportunities in locations where the company operates.


·   Provide supplies and services to the company’s targeted market an effective and efficient manner.


Our values, which underline our business philosophy, are Diligence, Integrity and Tenacity


We diligently apply our services in all our processes to ensure that client deadlines are met


We strongly believe in fairness and high moral values and unquestionable business ethics. Our strong beliefs in honesty enable us to convey truthful information in all our dealings with clients.


We keep a strong grip in our employees so as to guarantee our service code of ethics and constantly strive for excellence


Diversity in design and technologies for any need in the global community


Design & Construct :

  • Buildings
  • Roads
  • Bridges
  • Dams
  • Power Generation and transmission facilities


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