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Dairy Farming

Feed Lot Farming

Livestock Feed Farming

Livestock Processing

About Us

This is an agriculture and food business with interest and involvement with various farming and food processing activities at various stages in the supply chain.

Current priority focus is on farming of crops which can be shared or processed as food or livestock feeds depending market situation(s).

Our Services

Diversity food source for the global community

Agricultural Activities

Dairy farming
Feed lot farming
Livestock feed farming
Livestock processing


Production and distribution of food for diverse communities

Agricultural and food support

Farm equipment supplier and services
Hire of farm equipment
Transporter of farm output and inputs

Agricultural Training and Skills Enhancements

Promote agricultural training and skills improvements
Promote agriculture as best alternative sources of income

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Diversity in design and technologies for any need in the global community


Design & Construct :

  • Buildings
  • Roads
  • Bridges
  • Dams
  • Power Generation and transmission facilities


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